I went to interview of light work. But I have fallen.

I tried wearing a  Riders  jacket of denim.

Coordinate early summer, the dungaree shirt.

息子が2年間お世話になった先生の離任式でした。いろいろ相談にのっていただいて、私もお世話になったせいか、息子の卒業式より泣いてしまいました。最後に先生にご挨拶に伺ったのですが、なぜかお互いにがんばって下さいと励ましあいになってしまいました。先生、今迄ありがとうございました。先生に息子を預けることができて、本当によかったです。これからもStay gold。
My son’s teacher is leaving the school. I went to say goodbye. Teacher, thank you until now. Good luck in the future.



Today was the graduation ceremony of my son. Worked hard for six years, I had a lot! Today I put on my favorite suit sunaokuwahara .




Winter came. 

If the way the leaves which colored beautifully whirl and break up is seen, while becoming lonely, a breast will feel it refreshed. 


My mother was admitted to the hospital for cancer surgery. This jacket is what my mother made. I had to wear when you gave birth to discharge me, I think of more than 40 years ago. Look at the jacket still active, as my mother looks healthy.

再び、この風景を取り戻すまで、みんなでがんばろう。かつての陸前高田にて。 Again, to regain the landscape, I will my best with everyone. Rikuzentakata at once. (Instagramで撮影)


Tokyo has continued a hot day. I wear sneakers to a combination of short pants is very classic exclusively. Today I tried a combination of mint green tank top. Favorite color is cool.


Go to staying in a friend’s house. I have been so packed with excitement after a long time. I thought I would go with fresh clothes, was difficult to become something like Switzerland’s Female comedian.